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Date & Time:

Tuesday, February 20, 2024
11 AM – 12 PM CST

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Sam Justice, PE, Civil Engineer

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Learn how the GEOWEB® Channel Protection System offers an innovative solution to channel erosion. High-flow environments pose a risk of soil and rock washout, leading to uncontrolled water flow and landscape degradation. Traditional methods like riprap and concrete are often costly and labor-intensive. The GEOWEB system presents a versatile alternative, adaptable to a range of infill materials that cater to both functional requirements and aesthetic preferences, effectively countering hydraulic stresses.

Discover the economic and installation benefits of the GEOWEB system. Its design versatility accommodates low to high flow conditions, ensuring stability across various erosive scenarios. By allowing the use of local materials and negating the necessity for internal reinforcements, the GEOWEB system reduces overall costs and simplifies installation. The system is engineered to sustain high-velocity water flow and is particularly efficient in energy dissipation, which is crucial for maintaining integrity on steep gradients.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the benefits of GEOWEB channel protection from accredited research and testing.
  • Learn how the GEOWEB confinement system can accommodate typical construction issues and design problems.
  • Understand the typical applications for GEOWEB channel protection and how to utilize on-site materials.
  • Learn how to apply GEOWEB confinement to control high flow situations and energy dissipation requirements.
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Designing Resilient and Cost-Effective Stormwater Channels Presented by Sam Justice, P.E. - 1.0 PDH

Feb 20, 202411:00 am1 hour