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Designing Soft-Armored & Hard-Armored Retaining Walls Presented by Sam Justice, P.E.

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Retaining wall systems are used to hold back earth and achieve grade separation between two adjacent points at different elevations. There are many types of retaining wall systems, including concrete, steel, gabions, sheet piling, and reinforced soil. The GEOWEB® Retaining Wall System, in general, belongs to the reinforced soil category. Depending on the slope angle and site conditions, retaining walls are commonly referred to as gravity walls, reinforced walls, or reinforced soil slopes. The GEOWEB Retaining Walls make it possible to stabilize soil at the face of the wall or slope with a naturally vegetated fascia.

The GEOWEB system’s open-celled terraces create a natural environment for sustainable vegetation and allow stormwater infiltration. The GEOWEB walls conform well to landscape contours, are resistant to environmental degradation, and install 25-30% faster than MSE block walls.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about the different types of retaining wall systems that can be built with the GEOWEB system.
  • Understand the design of the GEOWEB System for various wall and reinforcement types, applications, and site conditions.
  • Learn about unique system features and what sets GEOWEB Retaining Walls apart from other types of walls.
  • Learn about the free design tools and software offered by Presto Geosystems for retaining wall applications.
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