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Modern Designing of Stormwater Channels Using the GEOWEB® System Presented by Sam Justice, P.E.

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Channels subjected to high flows and associated shear stresses are susceptible to washout of natural soils and rock, which leads to uncontrolled water movement and further degradation. Typical riprap and concrete protection can be expensive and difficult to install. The GEOWEB® channels may be designed with a variety of infill materials to meet aesthetic requirements and resist anticipated hydraulic flows and associated stresses.

The GEOWEB® Channel Protection System provides a variety of economical and flexible protection treatments for open channels and hydraulic structures. The system delivers stability and protection for channels exposed to erosive conditions ranging from low to high flows—either intermittent or continuous.

The GEOWEB system—which can be filled with topsoil, aggregate, or concrete—lowers costs for stormwater control by utilizing on-site materials and eliminating the need for internal reinforcement. The GEOWEB channels can withstand high-velocity flow over long channels, and the ability to incorporate energy dissipation allows the GEOWEB system to successfully perform when applied along steep slopes.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the benefits of GEOWEB channel protection from accredited research and testing.
  • Learn how the GEOWEB confinement system can accommodate typical construction issues and design problems.
  • Understand the typical applications for GEOWEB channel protection and how to utilize on-site materials.
  • Learn how to apply GEOWEB confinement to control high flow situations and energy dissipation requirements.
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