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Overcome Your Toughest Site Access Challenges with Ground Protection Mats Presented by Cory Schneider

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There are many types of construction mats on the market today—most of which are large and heavy—such as timber mats and solid composite mats. Presto Geosystems offers a line of strong, lightweight, reusable construction mats made from durable, weather-resistant polyethylene. Our mats are safe and easy to use and do not require heavy equipment to handle or install. In this webinar, you will learn about the different types of construction mats provided by Presto, their engineering properties, recommended cross sections for different applications, and installation procedures. Presto’s landscape mat, used for both turf protection and scour protection, will also be reviewed, including its uses and installation procedures.

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction to Presto Geosystems and how our products and services can assist you with your most challenging projects.
  • Determine the applications for which the GEOTERRA and GEOTERRA GTO lightweight, reusable construction masts are best-suited.
  • Gain an understanding of where you can utilize the construction mats and how to install them.
  • Learn about our GEORUNNER mats and how they can be used in both turf protection and scour protection.
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