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Unlocking the Power of Geocells: VE Solutions for Mine Infrastructure Presented by José Pablo George

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In this webinar, we will explore solutions to a number of challenges faced by the mining industry. We will discuss how the GEOWEB®  3D Soil Stabilization System offers a better approach to soil stability challenges when accessing sites over soft ground; controlling and containing stormwater; protecting geomembranes from basins, tailing, and heap leach pads; and reclaiming slopes at the time of closure.

Through 3D confinement and the strengthening of infill, less material is required and on-site waste rock can be used. The GEOWEB system offers increased speed of operation, lower maintenance, safer installation, and lower total cost of ownership.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the benefits of geocellular confinement for high-performing, long-lasting mine infrastructure.
  • Explore mine applications for geocells in haul road, slope, channel, and containment pond solutions.
  • Learn how 3D geocellular confinement can produce higher performance and lower maintenance mine site solutions.
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