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Porous Pavement Design Resources

Landscape Architects and engineers value our tools and resources for designing GEOBLOCK® and GEOPAVE® porous paving solutions—many contribute to Green Infrastructure (GI) initiatives, Low Impact Development (LID) and LEED® Green Building Credits.

Use our SPECMaker® Tool to build custom 3-part CSI-format specifications in 5 minutes or less. Two different customized tools are available:

GEOBLOCK Grass Pavers |  GEOPAVE Aggregate Pavers

More design resources are available in the Porous Pavement Design section of this website.

Standard Specifications, CAD Details & BIM Models:

Presto’s product specifications, CAD details and BIM models are available in industry-standard formats from leading providers of manufacturer-specific building product information for architects, engineers and contractors:  |

GEOBLOCK & GEOPAVE Resources Available at these Industry-Standard Partners

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