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Date & Time:

Tuesday, February 22, 2022
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CST

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Presenter: Cory Schneider, M.S.
Business Development Specialist, Presto Geosystems


The energy sector is faced with many challenges when it comes to project design and construction. Many times access/construction roads need to be built over soft, wet soils and must be able to support very heavy loads. Touch and step hazards abound at electrical substations. Pipelines can traverse over hilly/mountainous areas where slopes need to be stabilized after construction is complete. As in all construction projects, stormwater needs to be managed.

Presto Geosystems can provide cost-effective, low-maintenance, quality solutions for all of these potential issues using our GEOWEB® Soil Stabilization System (Geocells), GEOPAVE Aggregate Pavers, and GEOTERRA® Construction Mats. This webinar will explore the solutions and services that are available through Presto.


• About the development of geocell technology, the general applications where it can be used, and different installation accessories available.
• How geocells can be useful in energy sector applications, specifically in load support, channel protection, and slope protection.
• How geocells and gravel pavers can eliminate touch and step hazards while still providing stable work surfaces.
• About the variety of applications GEOTERRA mats can be used for on construction sites–temporary and permanent use.
• About successful energy projects using the GEOWEB geocells and GEOTERRA construction mats.

cory schneider

Improve Energy Infrastructure Resilience Presented by Cory Schneider - 1.0 PDH

Feb 22, 202211:00 am1 hour