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Date & Time:

Wednesday, February 20, 2019
11:00 AM – 11:30 AM

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Today’s increasingly stringent stormwater regulations continue to create the need for stormwater management. The preferred method is to retain the stormwater on-site rather than having it move offsite through overland flow or into storm sewers. Typical solutions—retention or detention ponds—are expensive to construct, occupy valuable land, require significant maintenance, can be safety hazards and are unattractive nuisances. An alternative solution is to reduce the amount of impermeable surface on the site. Hard-surface (asphalt and concrete) porous pavements are quite expensive and can be very difficult and time consuming to install. Rigid, plastic porous pavers provide a low cost, easy to install surface designed to handle the most demanding load requirements. The rigid pavers can have a vegetated or aggregate surface.

Learn Objectives:

  • Understand how rigid porous pavers promote fast infiltration at the source and are capable of detaining stormwater runoff on site.
  • Understand the benefits of rigid porous pavers.
  • Learn how the rigid porous pavers perform under varying infill materials and traffic-loading conditions.
  • Learn how to apply vegetated and aggregate rigid porous pavers for a variety of project conditions.