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RIGID Grass & Gravel Pavers

Building Sustainable Green Infrastructure

Our porous pavers are rigid for a reason—they’re built to give you the highest performance with the longest pavement life. The rigid design and tough interconnected cell walls are built to withstand the most rigorous traffic stresses.

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GEOBLOCK® Grass Pavers

GEOBLOCK® Grass Pavers

GEOPAVE® Gravel Pavers

GEOPAVE® Gravel Pavers

Permeability Meets Affordability

Achieve your stormwater and environmental design goals with attractive and high-functioning permeable pavements. Include GEOBLOCK® and GEOPAVE® porous pavers in your landscape plans for fire & utility lanes, access roads, parking areas and trails. Your client enjoys the stormwater benefits at the lowest cost of ownership.

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The quality that a successful outcome is inevitable. Take the tour to find out how “The Presto Advantage” assures results for your project.

Support for Your Project Designs

Priority one is supporting project designers. Our specification tools & design resources take the pressure off. Plan your project with full support from our experienced engineers & local distributors.

Build with Confidence

The support doesn’t stop at the design. Our hands-on support and install tools help contractors get the job done fast—and done right. Get projects completed on time and under budget.

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