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Undisputed Performance

The GEOWEB® system has been advancing 3D geocells since the beginning. Accredited research and testing gives our customers project assurance, even in the toughest soil conditions. We don’t just say we can do it. We can prove it.

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Load Support

Slope Protection

Slope Protection

Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

Channel Protection

Channel Protection

The presto advantage

Your certainty for project success is here. Keep your project on time and on budget using Presto geocells.

Completely Engineered for Your Project

The GEOWEB® system is the original and most complete solution in the world. Four decades of experience with thousands of projects installed across the globe, in all temperatures and all soil conditions, helped us craft products that perform for you. You can rely on our engineering to get the job done.

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Support for Your Project Designs

Our first priority is supporting engineers with their designs. Our free project evaluations and fast specification tool take the pressure off. Collaborating with us results in better designed projects.

Build with Confidence

The support doesn’t stop at the engineer. Our pre-construction training, hands-on support and install tools help contractors get the job done fast—and done right. Get projects completed on time and under budget.

GEOWEB® 3D HDPE Geocells

Strength & Flexibility Perfected

Paved & Unpaved Roads, Slope & Shoreline Stabilization, Erosion Control, Channel Stabilization, Green Retaining Walls

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