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Project Name: 194th Avenue Slope Protection Project

Project Location: Calgary, Alberta

194th avenue case study feature image

Project Objective and Background

The 194th Avenue slope protection project in Calgary focused on stabilizing a steep slope adjacent to a Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil (GRS) structure. The slope angles ranged from 3:1 to 1:1 with slope lengths up to 15 meters. The 1:1 slope’s south-facing orientation and lack of irrigation made it especially susceptible to erosion, compromising the existing vegetative cover’s stability.

In response to the need for a durable, low-maintenance solution that would seamlessly blend with the natural environment, Layfield Canada recommended the GEOWEB® Slope Stabilization System. This choice was driven by its exceptional erosion control properties, addressing the slope’s specific protection requirements while ensuring long-term stability and visual harmony with the surroundings.

Challenges in Slope Stabilization

The primary challenge of the 194th Ave project stemmed from rapid erosion that exceeded the protective capabilities of the original geogrid and Erosion Control Blanket (ECB) design. The critical task was to devise a system capable of effectively stabilizing the slope. This solution needed to meet both functional stability and aesthetic considerations, moving beyond the initial strategy that relied heavily on vegetative cover.

Optimizing Slope Stabilization and Aesthetics with the GEOWEB Geocells

The GEOWEB Slope Stabilization System was chosen for its strength and versatility. Notably, the infill design was intentionally patterned to resemble mountainous terrain, ensuring both functional erosion prevention and a visually striking appearance that blends harmoniously with the environment.

194th Avenue slope with mountain design


The installation of the GEOWEB Slope Stabilization System involved several key components, including:

  • GEOWEB GW30V4 with 29 cells per panel
  • TP225 polyester tendon
  • ATRA® tendon Clips
  • ATRA® Keys
  • Falcon Earth Anchors strategically positioned at the crest of the slope
  • 6 oz. non-woven geotextile separation layer

During installation, TP225 tendons were connected to f modified Falcon Earth Anchors strategically placed at the crest of the slope to ensure the secure anchoring of the GEOWEB system. A total of  450 anchors were installed, and each underwent thorough QA/QC testing to verify they met the desired 10.5kN pull-out strength.

In conjunction with anchor placement, a small layer of topsoil was underlaid with 60mm clear stone at the crest of the slope. This dual approach not only enhanced the system’s stability but also contributed to effective erosion prevention.

The installation also included the use of TP225 tendons, ATRA® Tendon Clips, and ATRA® Keys, which played a critical role in connecting the GEOWEB panels and reinforcing the overall stability of the system.

After the GEOWEB system was secured, the stone fill was meticulously arranged within the GEOWEB 4-inch-deep cells to craft an aesthetically pleasing mountainous landscape on the slope. This process seamlessly combined functionality with landscape aesthetics.

Two different types of stone, limestone and rundle stone, were skillfully used to create the distinctive appearance of the finished project.

drawing of slope design

GEOWEB Geocell System Benefits

The installation of the GEOWEB System offered several benefits:

  • Significantly reduced maintenance efforts for slope stabilization.
  • Protection of the longevity of the GRS structure from further erosion.
  • Enhancement of the slope’s facade, seamlessly blending with the natural landscape.

The 194th Ave slope stabilization project successfully addressed environmental challenges with an innovative and effective engineering solution, demonstrating a commitment to delivering functional and visually appealing results.


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