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— Temporary Construction Access

Construction Mats Bridge Hard Surface ‘Jumps’ for Temporary Construction Access CONSTRUCTION ACCESS CHALLENGES A major home builder in the Denver,… Continue Reading >

GEOPAVE® Gravel Porous Pavers

— Overflow Parking Lot

  GEOPAVE® Gravel Porous Parking at a Different Strokes Restaurant Project Background and Challenge: A new restaurant constructed adjacent to… Continue Reading >

GEOWEB Retaining Walls

— Flood impact reduction & streambank repair

Written By: Anne Marie Smrchek is Engineering Manager for the City of Fort Wayne, Ind. and Jim Blazek is Vice… Continue Reading >

GEOWEB Geocells for Permanent Way Applications

— Ballast Reinforcement System

Geosynthetics combine to create stiffened trackbed; increase critical velocity of track in soft soil area. Project Background The Borders Railway… Continue Reading >

GEOWEB Tree Root Protection

— Permeable Access Road

Project Background Copt Hewick Hall is a privately owned Grade II listed building near Ripon, North Yorkshire, England. As part… Continue Reading >

GEOWEB Canal Shoreline Stabilization

— Shoreline Stabilization System

Erosion of a stormwater canal caused by flooding and poor soils precipitates an erosion prevention and stormwater mitigation plan. Information… Continue Reading >

GEOWEB Load Support System

— Parking Lot

The Problem In the Fall of 2004, Legion Park representatives approached the Blair County Conservation District with a problem.  The… Continue Reading >

GEOWEB® Load Support System

— Stabilizing Soft Subgrades for Heavy Loads at Containment Disposal Facility

  The Manitowoc Containment Facility is an engineered structure designed to hold materials excavated during dredging activities in the Manitowoc… Continue Reading >

GEOBLOCK Grass Porous Pavement System

— Access Lanes, Occasional Parking & Roadway

Project 1: The GEOBLOCK® Grass Pavers were installed at the White House lawn in 1985 to preserve green space and… Continue Reading >

GEOWEB Load Support System

— Terminal Stabilization

PROJECT OVERVIEW: The CSX Charleston Intermodal terminal aggregate surface lot required base reinforcement due to poor subgrade conditions. The two… Continue Reading >

GEOWEB Load Support System

— Roadbase Stabilization

PROJECT BACKGROUND Ohio DOT (ODOT) needed to establish a road base in an area that had poorly marked and shallow… Continue Reading >

GEOWEB Load Support System

— Transmission Line Access Through Wetlands

Rebuilding Roads, Replacing Transmission Lines Damaged During Hurricane Michael in Florida’s Panhandle. Project Background: Hurricane Michael caused extensive damage to… Continue Reading >

GEOWEB Load Support System

— Oil & Gas Haul and Access Roads

The Canadian oil producer in Lloydminister, Alberta, employed the GEOWEB® system on its access roads and drilling pads to reduce… Continue Reading >

GEOWEB Soil Stabilization System

— De-icing Area

PROJECT SCOPE The GEOWEB® Load Support System was utilized for a 1.3 million sq ft. de-icing area at the Cleveland… Continue Reading >

GEOWEB® Base Stabilization Solution for Soft Subgrades

— Highway Subgrade Stabilization

THE PROJECT New Mexico’s State Highway and Transportation Department (NMSH&TD) made news with innovative financing and a record setting pace… Continue Reading >

GEOWEB Slope Protection System

— Snowmaking Pond Liner

  Geosynthetic solution meets stringent design criteria to protect snowmaking pond liner. When the resort planned to increase the capacity… Continue Reading >

GEOWEB 3D Soil Stabilization System

— Erosion Protection for Storm Water Canal Embankments

Eroded Canals Caused by Years of Storm Related Water Fluctuations Required Repair.   Project Background: South Florida is notorious for… Continue Reading >

GEOWEB Geocells for Shoreline Protection

— Shoreline Stabilization System

Repair Stormwater Detention Ponds of Severe Erosion Tampa’s Legends Field, the spring training facility of the New York Yankees, was… Continue Reading >

GEOWEB® Channel Protection System

— Concrete Channel Linings

The Flexible Solution How can costly form work, reinforcing steel, and expansion joints be eliminated when lining channels with concrete?… Continue Reading >

GEOWEB Geocells for Sludge Drying Beds

— Dewatering Sludge at Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Problem: Dewatering sludge at wastewater treatment plants has traditionally been a major operational concern. Most large operations must use… Continue Reading >

GEOPAVE Gravel Pavers

— Trail Pathway Through Nature Reserve

The nature observation trail at Rookery Bay is a barrier free pathway through one of Florida’s most scenic and environmentally-sensitive… Continue Reading >

GEOWEB Geocells & GEOBLOCK Pavers Stabilize Road Shoulders

— Racetrack Vegetated Shoulder Stabilization

Written By: Mike Everhart, Eastern Erosion Control & Geo-Product Specialist, EJ Prescott, Inc. Published In: Stormwater Solutions Magazine (June/July 2020… Continue Reading >

GEOBLOCK Rigid Paver System Provides Green Parking Option

— Permeable Grass Paving

Project Background The Nottawaseppi Huron Band of the Potawatomi (NHBP) constructed a Pow Wow area to host cultural gatherings and… Continue Reading >

GEOWEB Geocells Stabilize Streambank & Control Erosion

— Streambank Restoration

GEOWEB® Retaining Wall and GEORUNNER® Scour Protection Systems Provide Stabilization and Erosion Control for Horn Lake Creek Streambank Project Background… Continue Reading >

GEOWEB Geocells Strengthen Container Yard

— Stabilizing Soft Subgrades for Heavy Loads at Port Facility

GEOWEB 3D System Stabilizes Soft Subgrade & Reduces Cross-Section for Heavy Loads at Port Facility Project Overview A marine facility… Continue Reading >

GEOBLOCK & GEOWEB Porous Pavement Solutions

— Low Environmental Impact - Grassed Emergency Access Lanes

Environmental Design Vision Soka University is located in Aliso Viejo, California, inland from the City of Laguna Beach. The Soka… Continue Reading >

Turf Protection Mats Support Heavy Equipment

— Protect Turf from Heavy Truck Damage

GEOTERRA GTO Mats Protect Baseball Field Turf & Allow Construction Access GEOTERRA® GTO Mats were called to action by Denver’s Park… Continue Reading >

Construction Mats Bridge Hard Pavement Jumps

— Bridging Hard Pavements for Construction Access

Temporary Mats Bridge Pavements to Protect Concrete & Asphalt from Damage CONSTRUCTION ACCESS CHALLENGES A major home builder in the Denver,… Continue Reading >

GEOBLOCK® Grass Pavers Contribute to Low-Impact Parking Goals

— Permeable Grass Parking

Porous Pavements Help Church Meet Low-impact Parking Improvement Goals. The Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church low-impact parking improvements project began as… Continue Reading >

Oil & Gas Drilling Platform

— Well Site Drill Pad

GEOWEB® 3D Aggregate Confinement Creates Low-Cost, Low-Maintenance Oil Drilling Pads for Angle Energy. Continue Reading >

Track Ballast Reinforcement

— Bridge Abutment Ballast Stabilization

GEOWEB 3D System Stabilizes Maintenance-Prone Ballast in Section of Florida Bridge Abutment with Soft Sub grades. Continue Reading >

GEOWEB Hard-Armored Shoreline Protection

— Flexible Concrete Revetment

Concrete-filled GEOWEB Geocell Cover System Protects Vulnerable Solimoes River Embankments from Erosion Continue Reading >

Portable Site Access Mats

— Access in Environmental Areas

GEOTERRA Mats Offer Long-Term, Low-Impact Access in an Environmentally-Sensitive Area of Maryland's Critical Tidal Zone. Continue Reading >

GEOWEB Flood Control Levee

— River Bank Stabilization

GEOWEB Vegetated Retaining Wall System Protects Reconstructed Levee from Erosion and Flood Events. Continue Reading >

GEOWEB Concrete Channel Protection

— Irrigation Canal Lining

GEOWEB Hard-Armored Channels Protect Geomembranes; Are a Flexible Alternative for Colorado Irrigation Canals. Continue Reading >

GEOWEB Reservoir Slope Hard Armor Protection

— Slope Erosion Control

Hard-Armoring of Steep Slopes at Chicago's Flood Reservoir Quarry Utilizes 3D GEOWEB Geocells. Continue Reading >

GEOPAVE® Gravel Pavers Meet Stormwater Regs

— Permeable Aggregate Parking

GEOPAVE Gravel Pavers Meet Requirements for Permeability, Stormwater Retention for 150-Vehicle Parking Lot in Brooklyn NY. Continue Reading >