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Project Name: Cox Creek Spillway Improvements Access Road

Project Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Minimal Disturbance Access through Environmental Area Possible with GEOTERRA Construction Mats


GEOTERRA® mats were employed for site access roads to an outfall from a dredge material containment facility. Because the outfall is located on the bay side of a containment dike, it is considered an environmentally-sensitive area and lies within Maryland’s Critical Area—the naturally vegetated area within specified boundaries of the state’s tidal waters.


In order to meet Maryland’s low-impact mitigation requirements, GEOTERRA mats were utilized, allowing vehicle access with minimal disturbance to the site. Traffic ranging from pickup trucks to occasional rubber-tired backhoes access the site for months as crews remove dredged mate-rial. To allow vegetation to grow through the open-celled mat system, the mats were installed without a geotextile underlayer. An underlying layer is used to further strengthen in heavy use applications or when softer wet soils are encountered.

GEOTERRA construction mats were installed for a 15 ft wide x 300 ft long roadway without heavy equipment by an erosion and sediment control landscape contractor.