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Project Name: High Steel Industrial Yard

Project Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania


The Presto Geosystems GEOWEB® Load Support System provided a low-maintenance, permeable load-support surface at a staging area for a 10-acre industrial yard site. Heavy traffic at the steel fabricator’s facility caused severe rutting of the existing gravel surface and costly long-term maintenance problems.


  • Provide a permeable surface to control stormwater runoff.
  • Control surface rutting and distribute heavy wheel loads.
  • Function as a drainage layer when back-filled with an open aggregate.
  • Be a cost-effective alternative to conventional concrete or bituminous concrete.

GEOWEB Geocells Structural & Performance Benefits

  • Confines aggregate, preventing shear failure and both lateral and vertical movement of the infill material.
  • Creates a stiff load distribution system, effectively reducing subgrade contact pressures and vertical
  • Controls differential and total settlement over low-strength subgrades.
  • Structural support systems may be reduced by 50 percent or more.
  • Cell wall perforations facilitate lateral cell-to-cell drainage beneath traffic areas, resulting in better performance oversaturated soils.
  • Stabilization of the permeable pavement surface translates to a reduction in maintenance costs.


With aggregate infill, the system:

  • Reduces stormwater runoff, promoting groundwater replenishment.
  • Functions as a natural stormwater retention system, allowing water to fill the aggregate voids and permeate into the existing ground.
  • Reduces the heat-island effect.