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Project Name: St. Louis Mercy Hospital South

Project Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Environmental regulations that control and limit stormwater runoff, reduce impervious surfaces, and increase green space have resulted in the growth of permeable pavements, especially for emergency access lanes.

Featured Case Study:

In early 2022, Mercy Hospital began construction on a new facility in St. Louis, Missouri. The project’s engineer and owners needed to build a fire lane access road that could support the weight of fire trucks and allow them to get close to the building for other emergencies. Another concern was finding a way to limit the stormwater runoff since the parking lots were made of concrete.

The project stakeholders reached out to Presto Geosystems’ material supplier, ASP Enterprises, to help find a suitable solution for the hospital’s emergency access road.

They selected the GEOBLOCK® Grass Pavers and installed approximately 9,500 square feet of the permeable pavers for the access road.

The GEOBLOCK Grass Pavers not only helped with emergency vehicle access and stormwater control, but it deterred the general public from driving their vehicles on the pavers, allowing room for the emergency vehicles to access the building.

In June 2022, the fire lane access road was installed and sodded, leaving a beautifully grassed area for the occasional traffic.