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Project Name: Orlando Police Training Facility

Project Location: Orlando, FL

two trucks parked in heavy-duty lot

GEOWEB® Load Support System Strengthens Parking Infrastructure at Orlando Police Training Facility

Project Overview:

The Orlando Police Training Facility faced challenges due to inadequate parking space for overflow, storage, and heavy vehicle access. This limitation was affecting operational efficiency and prompted the need for a dependable solution to expand parking capacity and accommodate the facility’s varied usage.

Challenge: Enhancing Overflow Parking Lot Durability and Stability

The primary issue was creating a durable and stable parking lot that could handle heavy loads and frequent use without significant maintenance. The solution needed to be reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable to meet the facility’s long-term requirements.

Solution: Upgrading Parking Infrastructure with GEOWEB® Geocells

installing geocells for parking lot

The Orlando Police Training Facility upgraded its parking area by installing the GEOWEB® Load Support System over 14,345 square feet. The three-dimensional geocellular system functions to stabilize infill material, control shearing, and manage lateral and vertical movements. It effectively distributes surface pressures from both dynamic and static loads, which helps control rutting and diminishes long-term maintenance needs and associated costs.

The GEOWEB system’s use of permeable infill with high permeability brings additional environmental advantages, including improved stormwater management. Alongside this, an HP270 geotextile was implemented for its separation, reinforcement, and filtration properties, further bolstering the system’s stabilization efficiency. Additionally, the GEOWEB sections are secured using ATRA® Keys, ensuring enhanced stability and durability of the installed system.

Benefits of Geocells for Heavy-Duty Parking Infrastructure:

The installation of the GEOWEB Load Support System offered numerous advantages, including improved load distribution, enhanced surface stability, and reduced maintenance needs. This solution not only expanded the facility’s parking capacity but also ensured a sustainable and efficient infrastructure upgrade, aligning with the facility’s operational goals and longevity requirements.