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Project Name: Invergordon Service Base

Project Location: Invergordon, United Kingdom

Project Background:

A new 34,000 square meter container area was required in the Port of Invergordon. The area was constructed as an unbound pavement with a crushed gravel surface. GEOWEB® geocells presented the perfect solution to minimize the overall cross section depth through its unique load transfer mechanism while controlling differential settlement in the heavily loaded area.

Project Solution:

The load bearing capacity of GEOWEB is mobilized due to the stress reduction within the GEOWEB layers caused by the frictional interface between the textured and perforated cell walls and the infill material. The GEOWEB system prevents the lateral movement of the infill material and dramatically increases shear resistance. The result is a more durable subgrade that will increase service life and control differential settlement. An enhanced woven geotextile was placed under the GEOWEB system and works in conjunction to provide separation and load distribution.

Because of its unique load transfer mechanism, the GEOWEB Load Support System is a proven cost-effective solution for challenging soft subgrades and especially for areas with settlement concerns and serviceability issues. The GEOWEB Load Support System has been successfully installed on many roadways, haul roads, works sites, ports, and intermodal yards for over 35 years with lasting success.