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Project Name: Miami Lakes

Project Location: Miami Lakes, FL

Eroded Canals Caused by Years of Storm Related Water Fluctuations Required Repair.


Project Background:

South Florida is notorious for storms and hurricanes that dump large amounts of water on communities over short periods of time. These storm events cause fast rise and fall of water levels on stormwater canals causing topsoil loss and severe erosion issues on the canal embankments.

The Town of Miami Lakes, Florida, a South Florida community, had been experiencing severe erosion of their stormwater canals throughout the town for many years. Storm surges and the rapid water fluctuations during storm events caused rotational failure of the embankments. Soil had sloughed off along the water’s edge, impeding flow and decreasing capacity within the canals. The town of Miami Lakes contacted ADA Engineering Inc. for a solution.

Severe Erosion of Canal Embankments:

The rapid rise and fall of the water levels in the town’s stormwater canals over many years had caused erosion of the canal embankments. Attributed mainly to hurricanes that have crossed South Florida, water surges had taxed the stormwater canal systems and caused soil sloughing along the water’s edge that had impeded flow and decreased capacity within the canals.

The GEOWEB Solution: Embankment Stability, Natural Aesthetics:

After evaluating flow rates, ADA Engineering designed a solution to protect the embankments from future storm damage with the Presto GEOWEB Channel Protection System. The versatile GEOWEB geocell confinement system was chosen due to its ease of installation and ability to be filled with different materials in a stacked wall configuration on the embankments.

The GEOWEB system’s flexible nature allowed for conformance to the many curves and turns in the channels. The GEOWEB wall sections below the waterline were filled with rock. Soil and vegetation were installed above the water line to allow for natural aesthetics. Green wall fascia panels were chosen for aesthetic appeal and blending with the vegetation. Over 12,000 Face Sq Ft. of the GEOWEB channel protection system was installed.