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Project Name: Cyprus Miami Slope: Phase 2

Project Location: Miami, Arizona

Erosion Protection of Steep Cut Slopes

In May of 1995, 70,000 square feet of the large-cell (GW40V) GEOWEB® Slope Protection System was installed for Phase II of the Cyprus Miami Open-Pit Mine to stabilize the cut slopes upon completion of copper extraction at the site. Crews used aggregate available on-site to infill the GEOWEB 3D structure to provide erosion resistance and slope-surface stability on slopes with 70-ft. slope lengths as steep as 1H:1V.

The GEOWEB system reduces environmental impacts by limiting stormwater runoff, soil loss, and impacts to downstream waterways. The system also provides protection to geomembrane liners for tailings capping.

Cyprus Mines has undergone several ownership changes over the years and is currently owned by Freeport-McMoRan and now part of the world’s largest copper producer.