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Project Name: Eco Home

Project Location: Liff Angus, Scotland

In 2022, Presto Geosystems material supplier, Greenfix, was contacted by an Arboricultural & Urban Forestry Consultant in Scotland regarding the protection of existing trees during the construction of a new eco home. During the construction process at the site in Liff, Angus, the preservation of several mature trees necessitated the installation of a Tree Root Protection System.

The project involved demolition followed by the construction of the new eco property. During construction, there was a need for crane pads and roadways which would allow for heavy construction vehicles.

After consultations between the consultant and Greenfix’s Tree Root Protection (TRP) expert, Roy Partington, the GEOWEB® 3D Cellular Confinement System was proposed as the ideal solution. The GEOWEB Tree Root Protection system is made from high-quality HDPE and allows loads to be distributed laterally across the cell system to prevent compaction of the ground below.

Since there was no long-term requirement for the Tree Root Protection (TRP) system in this project, it was determined that once construction was completed, all vehicle traffic would be redirected away from the trees. Due to this, the contractors decided to use the GEOWEB Geocells as a temporary measure, and following the end of construction the GEOWEB System would be removed and recycled. The stone infill was then utilized for other projects on the property to ensure there was no waste.