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Project Name: Horn Lake Creek Stabilization Improvements

GEOWEB® Retaining Wall and GEORUNNER® Scour Protection Systems Provide Stabilization and Erosion Control for Horn Lake Creek Streambank

GEOWEB Retaining Wall

Project Background

The Horn Lake Creek stabilization project was completed in conjunction with the development of a large outlet mall that included several regional detention ponds that drained to the creek. Due to the increased flows into the creek, additional stabilization was needed. The city and project engineers required a solution that was both economical and aesthetically pleasing. Jen-Hill worked with the design team to provide options that met these requirements. The GEOWEB® Retaining Wall System, built as a gravity wall, and the GEORUNNER® Scour Protection System were selected for this project.

GEOWEB green fascia wall sections were installed on the side of the creek with a box culvert to provide stability and prevent erosion of the streambank. The GEOWEB wall-facing cells were filled with native backfill and seeded to establish vegetation. The GEOWEB green wall offered a natural appearance that was preferred over concrete walls.



Cost-Saving Solutions to Erosion Control

In some locations, the engineer reduced the shoreline slope angle and applied the GEORUNNER Scour Protection System over a North American Green® C350 turf reinforcement mat (TRM), which helped to lower the overall cost of the project. The fully interconnected GEORUNNER mats increase the allowable shear stress of the underlying TRM by 6 times and the allowable velocity by 2.5 times while permitting the growth of dense, stabilizing vegetation. The mats were held in place with earth anchors, which resist pullout caused by high-flow lifting forces.


The Results

Five years after install, the GEOWEB green wall and GEORUNNER mats have met the engineer’s and city’s expectations by providing a fully vegetated, stable streambank that will be resistant to erosion long term.