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Project Name: White House Emergency Access Lane & US Capital Access Roadway

Project Location: East Executive Drive, Washington DC

Project 1:

The GEOBLOCK® Grass Pavers were installed at the White House lawn in 1985 to preserve green space and protect the turf when exposed to occasional emergency fire equipment, truck/car traffic and infrequent parking.

The GEOBLOCK product has been performing for 35 years at the White House and our nation’s capital.

Reference Letter from the White House Gardener Foreman, Michael Lawn (1995):

“Ten years ago, GEOBLOCK was installed on East Executive Avenue at the White House. This is a high traffic, multi-use area. It is used as a tour staging area, an urban park and a parking area, among other uses.

The GEOBLOCK has enabled us to (keep) the area green with turf even though used as an occasional parking facility. It has stood up to automobile, truck and fire equipment traffic. Installed correctly on the appropriate medium, it is a very effective means of providing green space and parking area.

As far as pedestrian and handicapped access is concerned, it is highly effective. It is porous and is stable under the wettest conditions. It is especially effective for wheelchair traffic.”


Project 2

The GEOBLOCK system was installed around the perimeter of the US Capital building to create a grassed roadway for security vehicle access.


Project 3 (2010)

The GEOBLOCK system was installed on a greenway between the White House and Treasury building (Executive Drive).

The GEOBLOCK Product:

GEOBLOCK®5150 rigid grass pavers provide unparalleled load distribution (up to H/HS25 loading), a high resistance to rutting and torsional loading stresses, and excellent turf protection. Topsoil infill and engineered base allow a high rate of stormwater infiltration and offers an excellent growing medium for quick grass growth and grass life. Less base = less excavation, less fill material, and less cost.