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Project Name: Westonbirt Arboretum Tree Root Protection

Project Location: Tetbury, UK

In 2019, Presto Geosystems UK representative, Greenfix, was contacted by the community team at Westonbirt Arboretum who were designing and building a new community shelter within the Arboretum. The shelter was designed to provide a space for activities and projects organized for young people, rehabilitation groups, volunteers, and groups with additional needs. The community groups and volunteers that would benefit from the shelter were heavily involved in the design, working closely with award-winning architect Piers Taylor.

Due to the location of the shelter deep within the Arboretum, the team at Westonbirt identified the need for a Tree Root Protection (TRP) system. With the support of Presto Geosystems, Greenfix was able to donate the complete GEOWEB® TRP System which included the 3-inch (100mm) deep GEOWEB panels, ATRA® Key connection device and a geotextile.

During the GEOWEB TRP System’s initial installation, the Greenfix team had the privilege of collaborating with a remarkable group of young adults from the local Apperley Center, who possess unique abilities and talents. During the day the group learned about the GEOWEB Geocell System and the importance of protecting tree roots from compaction.

Volunteers Liz and Karen said that they were especially pleased with the finish of the GEOWEB TRP System as it has allowed many wheelchair-using volunteers easy access to the site where it was not possible to do so beforehand.

In May 2022, Greenfix was honored to return for the grand opening of the new shelter. During this event, the team had the opportunity to engage with volunteers and group members who greatly benefited from the shelter’s services.