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Project Name: North Davis Trail Restoration

Project Location: Davis, CA

sign from North Davis TrailProject Background

In Davis, California, South Fork Preserve stands as a symbol of the city’s dedication to preserving open spaces and promoting outdoor activities. When the community expressed a strong desire for better-connected hiking and biking trails, the city saw an opportunity. They set out to develop trails that would not only weave through the city’s open spaces, but also promote an environmentally friendly alternative to car travel.

The Challenge: Universal Access and Nature Preservation

Constructing these trails posed a unique set of challenges. The city needed to ensure they were accessible by individuals with disabilities and that the natural environment of the South Fork Preserve remained undisturbed.

Eco-Friendly Solution for Durable Trails: The GEOPAVE® Gravel Pavers

To address these challenges, the GEOPAVE Gravel Pavers, made of recycled polyethylene (PE), were selected for their ability to provide an eco-friendly and durable solution that was both inclusive and environmentally conscious. The tan GEOPAVE pavers were chosen to blend seamlessly into the landscape.

tan geopave pavers

Ensuring Universal Accessibility: ADA-Compliant Trail Solution

One benefit of the GEOPAVE System is that it is ADA-compliant, ensuring that the trails are accessible to everyone, regardless of their physical capabilities. This feature solidified its standing as an inclusive, community-oriented solution.

Environmental Capability & Durability: Low Impact Development Trails

The GEOPAVE System is known for its stability and durability. Its structure, characterized by herringbone cells and an integrated mesh bottom, effectively contains aggregate, even under heavy traffic use, ensuring longevity and reducing maintenance needs. This feature is particularly vital in creating a resilient trail surface capable of enduring varying weather conditions without compromising environmental integrity.

Given the ecological sensitivity of the preserve, environmental compatibility was a crucial consideration in the selection process. The GEOPAVE System’s load-distributing design lessens soil compaction, which is vital for protecting the roots of indigenous trees and other native plants.

Ease of Installation

workers installing the geopave pavers

Ease of installation was yet another plus. The GEOPAVE System’s 20-by-40-inch panels are designed for simple installation and can be easily cut to fit the trail’s natural contours. The GEOPAVE Gravel Pavers can be installed in various configurations to accommodate different traffic needs.

  • Offset Pattern: Best suited for narrow access lanes, maximizing efficiency in limited space.
  • Bricklayer Pattern: Ideal for one-direction vehicular traffic, aligning well with linear movement.
  • Herringbone Pattern: Most suitable for large areas with multidirectional traffic, allowing for efficient traffic flow and better load distribution.

Project Results

The GEOPAVE System surpassed the project’s strict technical and environmental requirements. Its various features, such as durability, low environmental footprint, straightforward installation, and ADA compliance, highlighted the city of Davis’ commitment to integrating technological innovation with ecological sustainability and inclusiveness.

North Davis Trail with circle cut-out showing Geopave

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