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Project Name: Bethesda Retirement Community

Project Location: Oakland, MO

geoblock grass paver emergency access lane

Project Background & Challenge

In 2009, an Oakland, Missouri retirement community planned to construct detached townhomes on their grounds, necessitating an emergency vehicle entrance. However, the installation of impermeable surfaces would require a detention basin, which would occupy valuable space. To address this issue, the engineer explored permeable alternatives that could accommodate the weight of emergency vehicles and reduce the detention basin’s footprint on the property.

The Solution

The engineer chose Presto Geosystems’ GEOBLOCK®5150 Grass Pavers due to the system’s ability to provide unparalleled load distribution, high resistance to rutting and torsional loading stresses, and excellent turf protection. The system also allows for high stormwater infiltration rates and offers an excellent growing medium for quick grass growth and grass life.

vegetated emergency access lane

Project Update

Thirteen years later, the solution continues to function perfectly, and the access is still fully usable. The GEOBLOCK system has reduced stormwater runoff that must be treated, treating stormwater at its source and allowing for water infiltration.


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