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Project Name: Fitness Trail Retaining Wall

Project Location: Riverside, Missouri

Repair of Eroded Historic Bridge Embankment

A popular fitness trail situated along a stormwater channel in Riverside closed due to severe erosion caused by intense urban runoff combined with highly erodible loess laden soils. The city of Riverside required a solution to repair and replace the trail while protecting a historic bridge and KCMO Sanitary Sewer Line.

Erosion Challenges Solved with Green Retaining Wall System

HDR Engineering worked with local geosynthetic supplier ASP Enterprises and Presto Geosystems to develop a solution to address the erosion and make the trail accessible to the community once again. Engineers designed a solution that included gabions for toe protection, a GEOWEB reinforced retaining wall, and a geogrid reinforced coir mat “burrito wall” with live stake plantings.

The contractor was able to change the access point into the project, which sped up the process and allowed a greatly reduced trail closure time. The biggest challenge during construction was that they could not find the rock bottom to the creek that was supposed to be there, but additional gabions took care of that issue and the GEOWEB wall went up quickly. The “burrito wall” was completed in time to install the live stakes and benefit from the spring rains.