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Project Name: Franklinton County Landfill

Project Location: Franklinton, North Carolina

franklinton landfill photo geoweb geocells

Project Background

The Franklinton City Dump, a pre-regulatory landfill located in Franklin County, North Carolina, operated from around 1955 until its closure in 1974. Surrounded by residential and agricultural areas, it encompasses about 4.9 acres, including an inundated quarry. A pre-regulatory landfill, as defined by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, is one where municipal solid waste disposal occurred before January 1, 1983. In 2007, North Carolina law established the Pre-Regulatory Landfill Unit to address the remediation of such sites.

Pre-Regulatory Landfill Remediation 

The remediation process for the Franklinton Landfill, governed by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, involves a comprehensive, multi-phase approach, including investigation, action, public comment, and implementation. The main challenges in the Remedial Action Phase for the Franklinton Landfill included constructing erosion control measures, clearing and removing waste, and implementing an engineered cover system that effectively isolates waste material, promotes stormwater drainage, and resists erosion, all while considering operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

installing geocells on landfill site

Solution: GEOWEB® Cover System

Froehling & Robertson recommended the GEOWEB® Soil Stabilization System (geocells) for the engineered cover system. This choice was made due to the system’s operational advantages:

  • Reduced construction traffic and less soil volume needed.
  • Lower costs associated with hauling cover soils.
  • Faster and easier installation compared to traditional soil cover systems.
  • Reduced heavy dump truck volume, lessening road maintenance requirements.

Design and Installation

geoweb geocells partially infilled at landfill site

The project involved installing 102,810 square feet of 4-inch GEOWEB GW30V (mid-sized geocell) over 8-ounce nonwoven geotextile fabric, filled with about 2,320 tons of structural fill and 2,500 tons of topsoil. The GEOWEB geocell panels were connected with ATRA® Keys and secured with Woven Polyester Tendons and ATRA® Tendon Clips.