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Project Name: Terminal Solimoes River

Project Location: Coari, Amazonas, Brazil

Concrete GEOWEB Geocell Cover Protects Vulnerable Solimoes River Embankments from Erosion


Downstream from the Petrobrás oil storage yard on the bank of the Solimões River in Brazil, a shoreline embankment 1,200 ft. long and 80 ft. tall was exposed to very intense and prolonged erosion. Width variations of up to 3,000 ft. were observed at some points of the river.

The erosion was due to the variation of the water level of more than 40 ft., the sand content of the local soil, and waves up to 3 ft. high caused by the wake of passing boats. Fearing this erosive process might impact the operations in the oil storage yard, the owner sought a solution to contain the embankment soils through surface coating.


At the upper part of the slope, the GEOWEB® geocells were installed and infilled with concrete on site. The bottom of the slope that extended underwater presented a different challenge.

The unique ability of the GEOWEB sections to remain flexible, even when filled with concrete, allowed them to be filled with concrete at the construction site, then transported on barges to the protection area, lifted, and put in place underwater.


Approximately 150,000 square feet of the GEOWEB material GW30V4 and GW40V4 was placed and anchored on slopes varying between 50 and 75 feet in length.

The GEOWEB system with its inherent flexibility was an ideal solution for the challenges at this site. The adaptability of the GEOWEB system allowed it to be constructed to provide erosion protection for both the upper and lower embankments.