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Project Name: Soka University Vegetated Vehicle Access Lanes & Roads

Project Location: Aliso Viejo, CA

Environmental Design Vision

Soka University is located in Aliso Viejo, California, inland from the City of Laguna Beach. The Soka University campus is designed as a Mediterranean hilltop village, reminiscent of Tuscany, Italy, with buildings stepping down a sloped hillside.

With 80% of the campus perimeter adjacent to a wilderness park, designers focused on limiting the visual impact of the facility and incorporating as many natural elements into the perimeter landscape as possible. Stormwater infiltration and runoff reduction were also critical design criteria at this site.


Low Environmental Impact Porous Pavement Solutions

State-of-the-art porous pavements were used extensively within the campus to maximize the area of permeable lawn surfaces for on-site stormwater retention. Grassed emergency access lanes were reinforced by Presto’s GEOBLOCK System, and other locations where heavy-duty traffic was planned (such as the campus “Quad” area) were reinforced with Presto’s GEOWEB System.

GEOWEB® Porous Pavement Solution

The campus central quad and other areas around the university were reinforced with Presto’s GEOWEB confinement system. The GEOWEB system is an economical solution for grass porous pavements in areas requiring emergency vehicle access and occasional vehicle traffic.