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Project Name: Denver Baseball Field Turf Protection

Project Location: Denver, CO

GEOTERRA GTO Mats Protect Baseball Field Turf & Allow Construction Access

The GEOTERRA® GTO Mats were called to action by Denver’s Parks Department to support heavy equipment across a city park’s baseball outfield required to install new lights.

The goal was to protect the turf from damage under loading from heavy vehicles and equipment required to drill and set the 80-foot-tall light poles. A 300-foot-long access lane was built with the GEOTERRA GTO mats over the existing grass to support the vehicles and minimize damage to the grass.

A 36-ton drill rig was brought in to bore 16 ft. light pole holes and to then set the 24-foot-long precast foundation casings for the lights into the drilled wells. A 27-ton concrete mixer followed to pump concrete around the precast foundation. Next, 80-foot light poles were mounted, wired, and secured into place.

GEOTERRA GTO Mats protected the baseball field’s outfield grass and required no lawn restoration after the work was completed.

The mats were quick to deploy, install and remove. The contractor saved time and restoration costs.

Denver Parks and its subcontractors were pleased with the lack of damage caused by access from the heavy equipment on the ball fields.