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Project Name: Golden Triangle Industrial Estate

Project Location: Halebank, Widnes

Attenuation lagoons are engineered ponds designed to store excess rainwater or runoff. The purpose of these lagoons is to reduce the volume of runoff discharged into surrounding waterways. They do this by temporarily holding stormwater and gradually releasing it into the soil, leading to cleaner water flowing into waterways. These lagoons are often built around housing developments, as the case study below will highlight, to help control the runoff generated by these communities.

Project Overview

On the site of the former Golden Triangle Industrial Estate in Halebank, Widnes, Halton Council undertook a project to redevelop the land to make way for 360 new homes. The construction of attenuation lagoons was part of the initial phase of the £60M ($71.2M) project. Halton Council stipulated that the lagoons should feature a vegetated, green appearance as a design requirement to harmonize with the neighboring development.

Because the design required a vegetated finish, a solution was necessary to prevent damage to the attenuation grade impermeable liner separation layer while retaining soil on the newly formed slopes. At this point in the design process Presto Geosystems’ material supplier, Greenfix, was contacted by a leading Builders Merchant who was working closely with the tender winners, HA Civils, to put forward a suitable product.

Complimentary Project Evaluation

Presto Geosystems’ engineering team worked closely with Greenfix and the project managers to provide a GEOWEB® Slope and Channel Protection solution that fit the challenging project requirements. By utilizing Presto Geosystems’ free project evaluation services, a GEOWEB cell type and depth, anchoring components, and infill were recommended.

The three-dimensional geocell system’s design took into consideration that the impermeable liner could not be punctured, and with this in mind, the design allowed for the use of the ATRA® Tendon Anchorage System installation method. The ATRA Tendon System, which is unique to the GEOWEB System, enables the installation of panels without anchor pins. Tendon is threaded through specially designed I-slots within the cell walls and secured in place with patented load transfer ATRA Tendon Clips.

Once approved and installed, the GEOWEB System was filled with on-site material and has since been hydroseeded to achieve the desired vegetated finish.

A member of the Greenfix Technical Department was on-site to provide the contractors with a “Toolbox Talk” and offer installation guidance to ensure the GEOWEB System was installed according to the site’s specific design.

The project took just one month to complete, and due to effective communication between suppliers and contractors ran smoothly with no issues.