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Project Name: Harts Village Recreational Trail

Project Location: Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Hart Village Case Study

It took a “village” to design, build, and restore the Hart Village Subdivision in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. This unique subdivision is not only the first community of net zero homes but has deep historic roots dating back to 1847.

In the heart of the subdivision sits a log home which once was the old Hart Farm Homestead and now one of the oldest surviving farmhouses in the Guelph township. This old farmhouse is in the process of being restored allowing the subdivision residents an exclusive and historic amenity space. (Visit the TerraView website to learn more about the history and restoration project.)

The Hart Village neighborhood backs onto conservation land providing residents with both urban living and natural tranquility. Between the housing community and the green spaces, sits a beautiful stormwater pond and recreational trail for the residents to enjoy.

Staying True to its Green Infrastructure Commitments

In 2016, the subdivision plan was approved, and the building process started. The project team included the City of Guelph Engineering Services, Hart’s Village Subdivision, and GM BluePlan Engineering.

Part of this plan was to create a porous recreational trail around the stormwater management pond. The planning team reached out to the Layfield Group, local material supplier, to discuss different porous pavement options. The GEOPAVE® Rigid Gravel Pavers were selected.

GEOPAVE Porous Paver’s Mesh Bottom

The GEOPAVE Pavers are 20 inch x 40 inch units, covering approximately 5.4 square feet per panel. These units can easily be field cut or staggered to accommodate curves as you can see was needed for this project.

These rigid pavers have a molded mesh bottom designed to spread loads and keep highly permeable aggregate confined for maximum stormwater infiltration and on-site storage. The strong paver strength lowers installation costs by requiring less base depth to achieve HS25 loading.

By incorporating the GEOPAVE Gravel Pavers into the Hart’s Village recreational trail, this system has allowed water to flow through and not runoff into the pond, while providing a smooth, clean surface for walkers, bikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts to appreciate for years to come.