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GEOTERRA® Construction Mats

Safest & Fastest Mats to Mobilize

Every project site is different—and not every project needs expensive, cumbersome mats that require deployment with heavy equipment. GEOTERRA® portable mats are the industry’s best value—strong, yet light in weight—and the most economical.

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construction workers laying GEOTERRA mats

The Best Value in Construction Mats

Protect turf and access sites over soft ground. There are no better construction mats on the market that offer low cost—and easy, versatile installation like GEOTERRA® and GEOTERRA® GTO mats.

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Solve Common Site Problems

Put our Mats to Work for Your Project Challenges

Access Over Soft Ground

Stop Mud Tracking

Protect Turf from Damage

Access Over Wet Areas

12 inches

strength equivalent to 12" of aggregate, without all the cleanup

Non-Degradable HDPE

long-term weather resistant material


lower cost than alternative mats, and safter to install

Tools to Support Your Project Designs

Priority one is supporting project managers. Our design tools take the pressure off and you will get full support from our experienced engineers and local distributors.

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Our hands-on support and install tools help contractors get the job done fast—and done right. Complete projects on time and under budget with our fast to deploy mats.

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