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Building Energy Roads in Harsh Conditions With the GEOWEB® System

oil road

Energy sites are often located in remote and difficult-to-access sites in environments with poor soils, limited road-building resources, and extreme weather conditions.

Site Challenges in Western Canada

In Western Canada’s Oil Sands region, transporting construction equipment, drilling rigs, and completions apparatus – all with heavy wheel loads (typical loads exceeding 125,000 lbs.) is the challenge. It can be extremely difficult to accomplish this over the soft, wet ground (thick muskeg and saturated clays) typical of this region. Add the challenge of working in the dead of winter in below-zero temperatures and on frozen ground, with limited road building materials, and the scenario makes accessing the sites extremely difficult.

In the wettest months, muddy conditions can make access by heavy trucks and equipment nearly impossible. So, energy companies typically wait for the ground to freeze before ramping back up construction.  Even in winter, access to remote oil sites creates challenges including undeveloped roads, soft ground, and scarce materials suitable for constructing roads.

A Road Solution Built for Extreme Conditions

The GEOWEB® 3D Soil Confinement System is built for these challenges.  The all-weather HDPE material is fast to install and isn’t hindered by soft ground or extreme temperatures.

geoweb road

GEOWEB® 3D technology allows the use of low-cost, local fill—such as sand—and literally transforms it into stable, long-lasting, and low maintenance access roads and pads.  The confined infill creates a stiff road surface that is resistant to movement, preventing concentrated rutting and resulting in faster cycle times.

The compact GEOWEB material is economical to transport and fast to install on-site without heavy equipment or specialized crews, minimizing environmental impact and disruption of the land. Most importantly, confinement technology reduces base construction costs by using 50% less fill.

Resourceful Access to Energy Sources

The GEOWEB® 3D system is a low-cost and efficient way for energy companies to overcome these challenges and access their oil & gas, wind, and mining sites—even in some of the worst site and weather conditions.

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