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Presto Geosystems’ Mission Statement and Philosophy

Our mission is to give the world a strong foundation to build on.

Geosynthetics play a tremendous role in preserving the environment and building toward a more sustainable planet Earth. This Earth Day, we wanted to recognize this fact by sharing our updated mission statement and philosophy.

Over the past several months, the team at Presto Geosystems met to discuss our mission, goals, and role in overcoming challenges related to climate change and environmental protection. Every day, we strive to lead the way for sustainable development that will improve the quality of life and foster opportunities for communities around the world. From these conversations, we tried to encapsulate this idea into a simple mission statement and philosophy that we can build upon as we continue to challenge ourselves and our industry.

With the introduction of geocell soil confinement technology in the early 1980s, Presto Geosystems made history as one of the early pioneers in the world of geosynthetics. Four decades later, that innovative spirit is as alive today as it was at the beginning of our journey. Our products have been used on every continent and on thousands of projects to improve infrastructure reliability and environmental quality for communities around the world. We believe in the human spirit of innovation, and we believe that reliable infrastructure and environmental quality are foundational to the prosperity and well-being of the world’s communities.