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GEOBLOCK Grass Pavers: Fire Lane Access System

GEOBLOCK® POROUS PAVEMENT SYSTEM Environmental regulations that control and limit stormwater runoff, reduce impervious surfaces, and increase green space have resulted in the growth of permeable pavements for traffic areas. The GEOBLOCK Porous Pavement System offers support for all vehicular loadings and protects the grass from the  damaging effects of traffic while allowing natural groundwater replenishment. Examples of the GEOBLOCK system providing solutions for fire access lane requirements are illustrated in this case study summaries below. Test 1: The City of Kentwood (1994) Kentwood, Michigan GEOBLOCK System Put to the Test The City of Kentwood, Michigan put the GEOBLOCK system through a worst-case scenario field test to measure performance and prove the system’s capabilities. Prior to testing, a series of less-than-ideal installation conditions were established: Five inches of sand subbase was installed, developing a base support capacity of only 2.8% CBR. GEOBLOCK units were laid parallel (rather than perpendicular) to the direction of traffic. Edge restraints, typically used to help prevent block shifting until vegetation, were omitted—both of which help anchor the system. The test area was not proof-rolled prior to load applications. The fire marshal directed a 60,000 lb (22,400 kg) ladder/pumper to drive onto the unfilled 13 ft… Read more »